Economic Rationale / Business Model:

The business case is straight forward. The customer eliminates the high cost and environmental issues when dealing with its waste processing. Since there are no more costs involved in landfills operations and their high cost of maintenance including high fire hazards, the ZERO WASTE system is the best solution. The ability to utilize most of the waste and turn it into electrical power provides the community with extra energy replacing costly operation. The community goes from high cost and hazard waste dumping to the additional efficient and clean power supply.

The current project scheme is very safe for the community. The waste is turned into electrical power and no environmental issues are involved. Clean air, reduction of fire hazard, odors, and insects enables the elevation of the quality of life in the whole region.

Project Potential Risks:

The project and its components all have EPA listing and quality assurance certificate showing COMPLETE environmental conformation. The standards are EU and EPA - USA based.

  • Asset Ownership:


  • Project Type:


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