Economic Rationale / Business Model:

The Expected Market Share
 The value of E-Commerce volume in the Kingdom is (250) million JD, with a growth rate of 10% annually.
 The percentage of products sold online through the project of the total E-Commerce volume is (2%) in the first year, 3% in the second year, 4% in the third year, 5% in the fourth year and (6%) in the fifth year.
 The number of product suppliers who will deal with the project is about (70) in the first year, 140 in the second year, 210 in the third year, 280 in the fourth year, and (350) in the fifth year.
 The average annual subscription value for the supplier with the project is (275) JD.
 The percentage of profit margin from the products to be sold by the project is (5.5%).
 Business days are (365) days in the year.

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