Economic Rationale / Business Model:
Annual Projected Gross Income from the Projects:
Income from Restaurant ------------------------- USD45,000
Income from Souvenir Shop -----------------------   48,000
Cafeteria ---------------------------------------   36,000
Income from Room Accommodations ----------------    28,400
Income from Campsite/Tents rental --------------    11,520
Income from Trainings & Team Building -----------   38,800
Income from 10-Horses ---------------------------  178,560
Income from 10-ATVs -----------------------------   57,660
Income from Entrance Fee of Garden Area --------    15,000    
TOTAL GROSS INCOME ----------------------------USD 458,940
TOTAL NETT INCOME (40%) -----------------------USD 183,576 

Sample Computations of Projected Income:
Restaurant: Computation: 300 days x 50 pax x USD3 = USD45,000
Souvenir Shop: Computation:  300 days x 40 pax x USD4 = USD48,000
Cafeteria: Computation: 300 days x 40 pax x USD3 = USD36,000

Room Accommodations: Double Deck per day per pax
Computation:  96 days x 20 pax x USD10 = USD 19,200
Native House (Kubo): 96 days x 10 pax x USD40 = USD 19,200
TOTAL:  USD 28,400

Campsite/Tent Rentals
1) Tent Rental: Computation: 48 days x 20 pax x USD12 = USD 11,520

Training/Team Building
Rental of Facilities: 96 days x 30 pax x USD10 = USD 28,800
TESDA Training Program: 50Students x 4Q x USD50 = USD 10,000
TOTAL: 38,800

10 ATVs for Rent: 10 ATV x 2 hours x 96 days x USD30 = USD 57,660
10 Horses for Rent: 180 days x 10 Horses x 15% = USD178,560
Garden Area for Picture-Taking with Entrance Fee:
Computation: 50pax/day x 300 days x USD1 = USD 15,000

Business Projected Revenues:
Projected Total Annual Gross Revenue -----------    USD 458,940
Projected Total Annual Net Revenue (40%) ------     USD 183,576

Sample computations here were quoted based on the lowest season. 
Actual incomes may vary based on demands.

Return of Investments (ROI) and Revenues of Lender-Investor:
Based on the sample computation above, the projected gross and 
net income shows that the ROI can be achieved in 5-years’ time 
starting from the date of business’s full-swing operation.  The 
time allotted for constructions, renovations, setting-up of 
businesses, hiring of personnel and marketing has enough time 
based on the calendar of schedules.  The projected Return of 
Investment (ROI) shall be attained as schedule since it has enough 
time allowance and that the projected annual income is based on the 
lowest projected computation.

The Partner-Investor will get a deferred payment of his investment 
on monthly basis based on the computation of net revenues starting 
from second year of full-swing operations and that the full-invested 
money will be completed on the fifth years of operation including 

The projected revenue is based on the lowest estimations and 
computations of income, the actual income may differ and projected as 
higher from what is being computed and presented here.
Project Potential Risks:

I couldn't see any risk since the project already pre-developed and with some on-going developments. A potential bottlenecks maybe the delay or non-availability of funds to use.


Several advantages outlined for this business developments. Here are some of them:

  • It increases employments among the local residents
  • Community Livelihood will be borne out of these businesses
  • The ecotourism place will be maximize its potential to earn sustainable income
  • It brings life and social engagements among guests and locals
  • It promotes local products
  • It will push the government to improve the roads, public facilities and empowers farmers in the area for agribusiness program.
  • Asset Ownership:


  • Project Type:


  • Project Status:

    On- Going Development

  • Revenue Type:


  • Expected Jobs Created:


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